Lab Pack Services

Our company assists industrial, institutional and commercial organizations whose laboratories, maintenance services or manufacturing processes generate miscellaneous agents and chemicals, by offering on-site lab pack services. Our experienced chemists and technicians securely remove and dispose of obsolete or unwanted materials on a one-time, on-call or regularly scheduled basis. Our lab pack services include:

  • Waste profiling: we profile your lab waste for proper identification and segregation.
  • Waste classification: we classify your lab waste in accordance with applicable environmental and government regulations to determine the best treatment process for disposal.
  • Waste inventory: our chemists / technicians segregate and inventory all or your lab waste streams.
  • Waste manifesting: we label, manifest and package all lab waste.
  • Waste removal and transportation: we package your lab waste into closable, leakproof, puncture resistant and appropriately labeled containers, and safely transfer them to one of our approved environmental services facilities for safe disposal.

As Canada's premier on-site environmental services company we are ready and able to help, so contact our lab pack services experts to schedule service, and don't forget to ask about our other on-site environmental services, and our industrial hazardous waste services too!

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