Institutional Waste Management

We make it easy for institutional organizations across Canada to dispose of institutional waste. We offer a variety of institutional waste management services to municipal, provincial and federal government offices and facilities, colleges, universities, hospitals, retirement facilities, fire and police services, border and airport security facilities, and more. Our institutional waste management services include:

  • Lab pack services (miscellaneous chemicals / lab solvents)
  • Lamp recycling (mercury and non-mercury bulbs / fixtures)
  • Asset recovery (used equipment / surplus materials)
  • Hazardous waste disposal (paints / solvents/ other liquid waste)
  • Regulated waste disposal (soils / oils)
  • Wastewater treatment (cooling tower maintenance / sump cleaning)
  • Battery recycling (large or small / wet or dry)
  • Electrical equipment recycling (transformers / switches)
  • Site remediation (PCB storage / mercury contamination)
  • Analytical & testing services (waste characterization / TCLP)
  • Transportation services (full array of specialized vehicles)
  • Electrical equipment disposal
  • Assured destruction (end-of-life product / seized materials)
  • Mercury recovery (spill clean-up / mercury bearing devices)
  • Recycle by mail (prepaid recycling program)

Please get in touch with us to learn more about our institutional waste management services, our industrial hazardous waste services, or our other waste disposal services.

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